Tuesday, March 14, 2017


not forgotten

this project came from a fascination with how the ongoing canon of the global village defines reality. in a platform where any conceivable information is accessible, it becomes challenging and perhaps arbitrary to recognize what continues to be a reality in the physical world. i took old images, some from deep in the past, and altered them in retrospect to my liking. by doing this i created new memories, new objects altogether, and by inputting them to the internet i added them to the global village. the idea is that to those who happen upon them they may as well be the memories i forged at face value (they're clearly edited but the idea is communicated). they may as well be what i intended them to be in retrospect. this is the power of the global village. in some images my edits were minimal, and in some they completely disfigured the original photo. this was as much a personal reflection with each image as it was about the alterations i made. these new images exist in the global village now, thus what they stand for manifests as valid just the same as their original forms.

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