Monday, January 30, 2017


"amateurism is anti-environmental" p.92

what defines a perception as anti-environmental
is it a distracting fixation on menial detail, rather than a broad-stroked realization of a space? amateurism vs professionalism, i wanna see a bullet pointed list. i wanna see portraits.
i consider myself an amateur at every single thing i do. at no point does my self consciousness step over the line to professionalism.
does professionalism coincide with mastery? or is it in the way you handle things.
i moved around the library i work at in an ""anti-environmental"" fashion. i focused on breaking down my perception of the place i was in and instead narrowing in on interesting images i saw with my eyes in that very second. i doctored each photo with the same two tools on instagram. i was very amateur.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

the limit
every human that has attempted to use the internet for an intended purpose has at one point or another experienced the rush that comes from the power of being able to see anything at any time. the internet is a unique virtual space that allows users to throw themselves from one point to a completely different one in the blink of an eye. information is constantly fed into the database, growing in every direction imaginable, an endless torrent of stimulation. if ever a space were to encompass the idea of "allatonceness" discussed by McLuhan, it would be the world wide web. this is the theme he explores on page 63, where he claims, "Information pours upon us, instantaneously and continuously. as soon as information is acquired, it is very rapidly replaced by still newer information". i used my minute of footage to illustrate this idea, and demonstrate how easy it is for attention to wander when multitudes of stimulation lies a keyboard click away. i paired this idea with the common human theme of constantly craving satisfaction, especially visual pleasure.
the music was chosen specifically because of its porny 80's vibe and its possible interpretation as a reference to ORGASM!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017


“Until writing was invented, man lived in an acoustic space: boundless, directionless, horizonless, in the dark of the mind, in the world of emotion, by primordial intuition, by terror. Speech is a social chart of this bog.”
McLuhan p.48

An artist my ultimate goal is to find a means to navigate and translate this acoustic space to which McLuhan refers. The majority of my creative works in the past have been geared towards an audience. I’ve spent time working freelance for commissions and creating a small online following. A lot of practice has been devoted to honing a smooth, marketable digital style to render illustrations for a range of prices.

This has been to my benefit as a digital artist for hire, but I crave a new more intuitive direction. I’d like to focus less on how polished my outcome is and more on the process and ritual involved in creating a piece of art, and the investment of time and energy and parts of myself that creates a real connection.

I want to find a method of expression that satisfies me on a deeply personal level, to create art that resonates with my soul as a priority, and that is relatable secondarily. I’d like to use this class as a means to develop my creative expression through different mediums and forms, and this blog as a space to document it. I want to discover my own artistic intuition to connect to my subconscious and emotional world without the inhibition of being conscious of an audience. Hopefully these aspirations may serve as a starting point for funneling my interest into a more directed path. we shall fucking See

loosey goosey