Monday, January 30, 2017


"amateurism is anti-environmental" p.92

what defines a perception as anti-environmental
is it a distracting fixation on menial detail, rather than a broad-stroked realization of a space? amateurism vs professionalism, i wanna see a bullet pointed list. i wanna see portraits.
i consider myself an amateur at every single thing i do. at no point does my self consciousness step over the line to professionalism.
does professionalism coincide with mastery? or is it in the way you handle things.
i moved around the library i work at in an ""anti-environmental"" fashion. i focused on breaking down my perception of the place i was in and instead narrowing in on interesting images i saw with my eyes in that very second. i doctored each photo with the same two tools on instagram. i was very amateur.


  1. I think that you took this quote and made it completely your own. I like how all of the photos are different and without telling us that they are all from the library, some of them could be very ambiguous. I think that this topic is easily expanded upon, good job.