Sunday, February 26, 2017

preparing for a gallery becomes a part of the performance of any work you are exhibiting. some of us scrubbed at our picture frames and glass until they were close to spotless, and others chose to leave them scuffed and imperfect. they were ordered deliberately, after switching each picture around, seeing the conversation they created between images. our magazines were left in the middle upon two pillars. i thought our gallery to be extremely personal, richly emotive. there was a lot to be gleaned and seened in every set of images, and even moreso in the books. i was thinking a lot about all the effort it would take to put together a high-end gallery. all the cleaning, the heavy lifting, writing and printing things out, networking. it's so much work, but in the end it is worth it i guess. though i wouldn't mind a gallery in a more accessible, fucked kinda place like a cave, or someone's shitty grimy art house, or under a bridge, or on a roof, i don't know. that would be hella stylish.

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